Colloquium 2022 van het netwerk van voorzitters van de hoogste gerechtelijke rechtbanken van Europese Unie

Op 13 en 14 oktober 2022 reisde de eerste voozitter van het Hof van Cassatie, mevrouw Beatrijs Deconinck, naar Brno in de Tsjechische Republiek, om het colloquium 2022 van het netwerk van voorzitters van de hoogste gerechtelijke rechtbanken van Europese Unie bij te wonen.

The year 2022 Colloquium of the Network dedicated to the topics of “Judicial ethics, disciplinary proceedings and the liability of judges” and “How can Supreme Courts contribute to public trust in the judiciary?” was held on 13 and 14 October in Brno, Czechia. Based on the discussions of the Colloquium, the General Assembly of the Network adopted the following resolution:

The 2022 Colloquium of the Network of the Presidents of the Supreme Judicial Courts of the European Union involved a debate on the topics of trust in, and independence of, the judiciary in a society based on the rule of law and democracy. The discussion took into account the perspective of the judiciary in the context of common European and national values, principles and rules.

The Presidents agreed that within the diverse European and national traditions the independence of the judiciary and the confidence of the public in the judiciary require the adherence to high standards of judicial ethics. Judicial ethical guidelines should be developed having regard to the UN Bangalore Principles of Judicial Conduct 2003. Such guidelines should have regard to the autonomous role of the independent judiciary in the empowerment of judicial ethical behaviour as well as the legal tradition and historical diverse backgrounds of national judiciaries.

Disciplinary mechanisms applicable to judges can only cover conduct outside of the core area of the administration of justice. Such judicial activity must remain unaffected and be dealt with under the appellate system in place in each state. Disciplinary processes must exercise the utmost care in respecting judicial independence.

The Presidents agreed that Supreme Courts have an important role in promoting public confidence in the judiciary. Well-substantiated judgments are a key instrument in transparency, in addition to the accessibility of judgments to the parties and the public.

Resolutie op de Presidents' Network-website